Dodge is a rare soul. Humble. With a great heart.
And passionate about everything he does...Meet, Dodge.

Name: Dodge Haruman
Date of Birth: November 1, 1989
Home Break: Batu Karas, West Java

FLKLR board of choice: His 5'2" Nuki.


We first met Dodge in Batu Karas on a surf-trip. Dodge style was incredibly impressive, at first sight we caught him trimming with style on a log, little did we know that he is even more stylish on shorter boards.

Dodge is nothing but big smiles and giving 100% to what he does.

What's your FLKLR?

I grew up in Batu Karas beach in West Java.The wave out front from my family's house was a mellow wave, perfect for logging — so much fun!I move to Bali when I was 17... I feel like this move really pushed my surfing to the next level with so many different waves on the island and so many great surfers, you have no option but to surf your best. However, Batu Karas is always home.

Who's style do you admire the most?

In Indo Mega Semadhi style is for sure my favorite. He surfs with such a chilled relaxed style but can also boost the biggest airs, and no one surfs Padang as good as him. I also love watching Craig Anderson surf, he has his own unique style and it’s different then all the other pros.

What's not to like?

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who work hard and chase their dreams.Oh! and can do big airs... haha

No sunscreen or Underwear?

I’m pretty dark already! I don’t get that sunburn anymore, but I still like to keep my face looking young so... I’m going to go with the no underwear for sure.

Plus I love the feeling of freedom with no underwear

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