We are building a new space for you in Bali, Canggu. You can also find us at these amazing partner locations.


  • Joys Surf Shop, Canggu.

    Joys is a new up and coming surf boutique located in the north side of Canggu. They offer a unique array of boards, fin selections and all of your surfing needs.

    Stop by and order a custom FLKLR board or take one of our demo boards out for a ride.

  • Tropical Nomads, Canggu.

    Is located in the heart of the shortcut in Canggu, Bali. TN is not only one of the best co-working spaces in Bali, it also offers amazing food and very unique tropical environment. You will find some of our apparel, accessories and board selection.

    You can also rent some of our boards.

  • Komune Resort, Keramas.

    Our friends over Komune in Keramas beach have one of the best resorts and waves in all Bali. Drop by their gift shop and take some of our goods with you.

    We mostly stock high performance shortboards.


  • Dune Surf, FL.

    The soft and sandy white beaches of Delray Beach in Florida is a great destination for some great longboard waves around. Dune's is located blocks away from the beach, offering all your surfboard and surfing supplies. Come and say hi and order your custom surfboard from them today.

  • Surf District, FL.

    This unique boutique is located in an iconic part of Delray Beach. They offer all kinds of unique brands with a personal touch. Come and check out our boards and take one of our MarMar's out for a spin as a demo.


  • Travelers Surf Club, CA

    You can find rent some of our logs over at the one of the most stylish surf shops in Malibu, CA.

    Stop by an take out our log, a perfect noserider for Malibu's perch-y wave.


  • BONS, Chiba

    BONS Casa de Verano is an iconic surf boutique, located in one of Japan's unique surf scene in Chiba, Japan. Just outside of Tokyo. They are not only stylish, but incredibly kind people. Drop by and get to see our boards, grab a coffee and go for a surf.

  • Okinawa

    More information coming soon...

We are always looking for partners alike. If you would like to stock our surfboards and ocean goods, gives us a shout.