Keramasih is our go to fast board. Made to perform in critical sections in the wave, while allowing you to carve- smooth turns on waves that demand more top to bottom performance.

A single concave swallow to tail to keep you in the pocket, with reinforced carbon fiber on deck to give that flexibility and strong hold while making snapy turns.

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  • Base Size

    Liters: 22 ish
    : Swallow
    Fins: 2 + 1
    : Soft-Hard / 70-30
    Glass: 2/4 top 1/6 bottom
    Base Price: $675 USD | $890 AUD | €580 EUR

  • Best for

    Waves: 3 - 8 feet +
    Break Type: Beach | Point Breaks
    Skill Set: Mid to Advanced
    Specialty: Great for fast waves
    Height Reco: 5'5" - 6'0"