Messy Tessi

We don’t have favorites, but if we did this smooth lady would be right up there. The Messy Tessi embodies the best of ‘70s single fin style with a modern twist. Her generous curves and bottom wings mean that you can turn on a dime and still hold you steady. Her wide nose will help you shuffle up your toes down to the nose & help you catch easier some of those sweet rides.

Trust Messy Tessi, she’ll take you for a good spin.

  • Base Size

    Liters: 35
    : Round Pin
    Fins: Single
    : Soft / Pinched
    Glass: 1/6 top 1/6 bottom
    Base Price: $750 USD | $950 AUD | €690 EUR

  • Best for

    Waves: 4 - 8 feet
    Break Type: Beach | Point Breaks
    Skill Set: Mid to Advanced
    Specialty: Barrels / Turns
    Height Reco: 6'0" - 6'6"