Tonkay is just smooth and ready to lather you up and down with juicy packed turns

Our bar soap version has a slight channel concave towards the tail and less channel depth and slightly bigger middle. Best described as a loose skateboard in a pool.

Get your bar soap game on point.

  • Base Size

    Liters: 24 ish
    : R Squash
    Fins: Quad
    : Soft-Hard / 70-30
    Glass: 2/4 top 1/6 bottom
    Base Price: $675 USD | $890 AUD | €580 EUR

  • Best for

    Waves: 3 - 6 feet +
    Break Type: Beach | Point Breaks
    Skill Set: Mid to Advanced
    Specialty: Great for backside
    Height Reco: 5'2" - 5'8"