For every surfboard we sell, we donate two 27-liter water filters to villages in need in Bali, as well as a lifetime supply of filter replacements.

Our boards are 100% made to order — Whether you choose a custom board, or one of our signature models, we take pride in using the best products in the market to insure you get the best quality board for your buck.

Check out our current line up of shapes. Don't forget that we can make any changes to the models below to fit your needs or make you an entire new shape.



Nuki — The only thing you can't live without in the water is a little bit of Nuki. Whether you’re bombing through fast sections or riding in the pocket, this board cruises like...


Messy Tessi — We don’t have favorites, but if we did this smooth lady would be right up there. The Messy Tessi embodies the best of ‘70s single fin style.Her generous curves...


Mac-Giver — Face it, you and your board just aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. You’re bored. At first sight, you loved those stock models but year after year of mediocre rides and you’re left yearning for something more...


ONO — This is the guy your mum told you not to go home with. This beast is built for big heavy rides that your average single fin can’t handle. The ONO has stabilizers to help you glide through those...


MarMar — See the sea longer on this nine-foot superstar. MAR MAR was designed to coast through those fast beach breaks. A concaved nose for steady, speedy noserides and pinched rails...


Polaska — The Polaska may look brutally cold-hearted but take her out for a ride and you’ll see her sweet side. Have a peek in her undercarriage and you’ll find channels...


Good-Joo-Joo — Cash in your karma and let Good Joo-Joo cast a spell over you. Our take on the mini Simmons, with a four-fin diamond tail to make those turns magic. You’ll have more...


Kali — Arch your back, raise your arms, stand tall and proud on the nose of this ride - you'll be doing nothing but loving longer tip rides. For hardcore...


Maya — The famously small and ferocious Mayan people inspired this little wonder, four feet ten inches of pure passion. This miniature powerhouse is perfect for glassy 3-5 foot...


El Capi — Forged from hell, you’ll be at home at the helm of El Capi (the captain). From wind chops to barrels, you’ll be stylin’ and sailin’ all day...


Ranchero — The only thing you'll be going below with this board is the border. Whether they're fast sections or mini pocket noserides, this board cruises them like...


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