"Folklore is not intended to serve as a company or a brand, but as a movement. A movement from surfers to surfers, between individuals that want to make a difference. We are a group of water pagans, devoted to the Ocean, Art and quality crafted goods.

  • Our folks

    Not trendy people, but conscious individuals that want to make a difference, care for our Ocean, through the lens of art and love for waves while keeping tradition alive and always thinking of the future.

    Less is more

  • Our goals

    While we are a small and growing movement, our goal isn't to build a bigger
    wall but to build a longer table, to contribute to larger scale projects like The Ocean Clean Up and our youth. To give back to our communities wherever we set roots. 

    More trees, less ass holes.

  • Collaborations

    Have something to share or contribute? We are always looking for individuals or brands alike to collaborate and innovate with new products. However, If you are looking for an "instagram-influencer-collaboration" we
    are not meant for you.

    Tell us your story.

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