Arch your back, raise your arms, stand tall and ride proud on the tip of this board - you'll be doing nothing but feeling the love of this ride in the water. This board was created exclusively for those seeking more tip action, the lower hips on this beauty make for more stability on the nose.

A true Californian Classic.

  • Base Size

    Liters: 73ish
    : Square / Squash
    Fins: Single
    : Soft / Pinched / 50-50
    Glass: 2/6 top 2/4 bottom
    Base Price: $1100 USD | $1400 AUD | €920 EUR

  • Best for

    Waves: 1 - 7 feet
    Break Type: Beach | Point Breaks
    Skill Set: Interm. to Advanced
    Specialty: Noseriding
    Height Reco: 9'2" - 9'6"