Da Dodge

Face it, you and your board just aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. You’re bored. At first sight, you loved those high volume mass produced stock models, but year after year of mediocre rides and you’re left yearning for something more. Have a little four-fin foreplay with this handcrafted high performance beauty.

Once you dodge, the game changes.

  • Base Size

    Liters: 27
    : Bat tail / Half Moon
    Fins: Twin / Quad
    : Soft-Hard / 70-30
    Glass: 2/4 top 1/6 bottom
    Base Price: $1050 USD | $1300 AUD | €890 EUR

  • Best for

    Waves: 3 - 10 feet
    Break Type: Beach | Point Breaks
    Skill Set: Mid to Advanced
    Specialty: Like bottom turns?
    Height Reco: 5'2" - 5'8"