“These are not your average folk — FLKLR extends its reach beyond those with just surfing talent & supports humble, talented visionaries in all aspects of surf life. They bring different skills to the FLKLR team but have one thing in common: a bright-burning passion for the sea.”





We first met Dodge in Batu Karas on a surf-trip. Dodge style was incredibly impressive, at first sight we caught him trimming with style...


West Oz’s Dani is our wild woman, she has been shredding since she was a grom and is still as hungry for good waves as ever...


I was born in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, but I must have ended up there by mistake — Bogota is cold and 8000 feet above ocean level...


Filipino log rider, photographer and filmmaker Arturo spends almost every waking moment in the water, he gets up before...



We had the pleasure to meet Gwen... well not too long a go — Her candid spirit and will to push through on what she strongly...

We Are Always Looking For New Ambassadors

      We don't want to sound like divas or a diva, but, we are not interested if you are one.
      Being a great surfer doesn't mean that you are entitled to boards, sure, we value your devotion to them waves, but that can only get you so far with us. We are looking for individuals that want to make a difference in this world, in our Ocean & help clean our communities from plastic.