• Balinciaga - Bali
  • Balinciaga - Bali

Balinciaga - Bali

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Balinciaga was created to cruise with style, paddle with ease and trim with flow.

Design to turn and trim with ease. Arch back, relax and cruise in style.
Great for all kinds of waves from mush to glass on up to 7' surf.
Recommended for all levels.

Available for pick up only in Bali, Canggu.
At Tropical Nomads

Size: Price:

• 6'3"+ 20"+ 2.4"
$599 usd | 9.5JT

• Swallow Tail
Bali pick up only.

• Twin Fin

• Dbl Cut Lap 2/6 - 1/6 Oz

• Available at Tropical Nomads

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