If it was up to us, we will go surfing naked, (okay depending on whos watching) But since we do have use some layers from time to time — we have created a new line of swimsuits and Yamamoto Wetsuits that are not only tailored with style, but packed with comfortable cuts to keep you longer in the sea.




Is a limited collection and ethical collaboration between FLKLR Surf & Nine Foot. We bonded to create a label for Ocean lovers in mind, not only for stylish ladies that want to look great in the water, but the ones that also give a fuck about our planet & supporting local communities. Let's keep fighting the war on plastic in our beloved playground.

KRTL / GuadalupeKRTL / Guadalupe
KRTL / CubanaKRTL / Cubana
KRTL / LolitaKRTL / Lolita


This new swimsuit line is a collaboration
between FLKLR and MakaraWear,
made from surfers to surfers with you in mind

Surf AgentSurf Agent
Surf AlertSurf Alert
Surf WatchSurf Watch


Introducing our first line of Wet Suits — We will be

carrying a more extensive line, but in the mean time, here are a couple of options for your nippy skin. (we do customs as well)

Other Goods

Keel FinsKeel Fins