Our Surfing accessories are %100 hand made. We take great pride on our flexible tip fins, one of a kind surf socks, and our ec0-friendly goods.

Go ahead and get to know us better than skin deep.Available for custom orders too.


Single Fin | Olas PleaseSingle Fin | Olas Please
Single Fin | White Pin LineSingle Fin | White Pin Line
Single Fin | Fancy StripesSingle Fin | Fancy Stripes
Single Fin | CoronelSingle Fin | Coronel
Single Fin | Black Pin LineSingle Fin | Black Pin Line
Keel FinsKeel Fins
Quad SetQuad Set


  • Custom Orders

COVER your stick. OUr surf socks are made from heavy duty canvas, and unique fabric patterns from some our favorite pattern makers. Making them one of a kind — they range from 5 to 10 feet. With pockets and padding on top for tip protection.

We can also make custom orders

Green Stikes | Surf SockGreen Stikes | Surf Sock
Tropical Wave Surf SockTropical Wave Surf Sock
Tropical Palm Surf SockTropical Palm Surf Sock
Native Surf SockNative Surf Sock

other surfing gear 

Sancho PonchoSancho Poncho
Wax Comb RingWax Comb Ring
Natural | Sunscreen OilNatural | Sunscreen Oil
Surf YogisSurf Yogis
Bamboo Wax CombBamboo Wax Comb
Fin Key ChainFin Key Chain
Recycled | Wet LapRecycled | Wet Lap
Recycled | Wetsuit BagRecycled | Wetsuit Bag
Recycled | Nat BagRecycled | Nat Bag
Recycled | Wet FannyRecycled | Wet Fanny

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