Laura likes to charge, not only those swelled days at Ocean Beach, but at whatever comes at her, with grace and skill...

Name: Laura Nunnery
Date of Birth: October 1, 1988
Home Break: Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

FLKLR board of choice: Messy Tessi, MarMar
Instagram: @lauranunnery


Laura approached us a few months a go inquiring about a log. We couldn't help to see that she charges big waves, has had a few scary episodes at OB, SF among her multiple surf trips charging whatever she is faced with... Well, that obviously got our attention as we want to empower women's surfing a lot, specially that have a passion for our planet.

What's your FLKLR?

What a trip. I started surfing seriously after glass severed my achilles tendon in a freak accident while carrying a box of mason jars down a flight of stairs. It took a while to get back on my feet - simply sitting on my board, staring at the horizon line, and feeling small was immensely healing. I wrapped my casts in trash bags, paddle out into the abyss for a year until I was able to use my leg again, and the rest is history.

Who's style do you admire the most?

Silkyyy Jared Mell

What inspires you?

People who choose to see things differently. Those who do not conform to the norm or material ways of the world. Continuous learners and anyone that can have a good laugh at themself.

No sunscreen or Underwear?

Definitely underwear. I freckle. Sometimes those combine into one big freckly tan, but I have Irish blood so safety first!