When she is not surfing, she can be found looking
at lifethrough a different lens - Meet, Gwen.

Name: Gwendolyn Keasberry.
Date of Birth: January 4th, 1986
Home Break: This is a no man's land.

FLKLR board of choice: I love all shapes and sizes.



We had the pleasure to meet Gwen... well not too long ago — Her candid spirit and will to push through on what she strongly believes and stands for, came across with a few spoken words.

The same will that drives her beautiful detailed eye for photography, symmetry and humble unique ways to see the blue spec in this vast universe we live in. 

What's your FLKLR?

A lifelong interest in stories of all kinds led me on the path I am on. Stories written down in books, told through film or made visual in photographs. Ringing with truth or fueled by fantasy. Driven by my family’s history that spans the colonial past of the Netherlands and Indonesia, my camera and I ended up in Bali. Where my grandfather was making documentaries long before I was born.

Where my fathers first childhood memories are of trips from the jungle of Ubud to the ocean and where my love of being in the water was bound to put me on a surfboard.

Who's style do you admire the most?

Behind the perfection of a man's style, must lie the passion of a man's soul. — Oscar WildeSame goes for women,

— Mr. Wilde.

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from the people around me doing their thing. That glint in their eyes and the perseverance when rough times hit. Reminding myself that any person is beautiful by pointing my camera at them and seeing a vulnerability you could otherwise easily miss or dismiss.

No sunscreen or Underwear?

neither whenever possible.

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