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Come and hang out with us, learn how to surf and improve your skills, spend some time exploring Colombia's mini barrels and easy logging waves with the people that knows best, our Local Ambassadors.




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Where's pto colombia?

Pto Colombia is a magical small little town 15 mins south from Barranquilla. The waves are amazing for learning how to surf and practicing all skills. There are lots of surf breaks to play with, the sandbars are constantly moving which makes this place all that more interesting.

There's lots to do around this quiet area. If you prefer to have a chill night, at some local restaurants, you can. If you feel like drinking some Club Colombias with other travelers while watching the sunset, you can.

You can enjoy a magical evening eating fresh fish on the beach, while some of the most magical sunsets happen on this planet. (We are bragging a bit here).

PROS: Great waves, relatively cheap, warm water, small crowds.

CONS: Very small town, it still has ways to go.


Barranquilla is the main city near by and the capital of Atlantico. As most Colombians the town has a strong pull towards their local futbol team, Boca Jr. The city itself is very beautiful, however, since they don't live of tourism their "customer service" is very poor and questionable. Their driving style is also, ummmm, wow. Their food ranges from their typical fried fish and shrimp cocktails to Libanese food, but you can find just about anything.

If you feel like venturing out a bit, you can find waterfalls within two hours of where we are too. Colombian's topography can change vast making it super adventurous. Cartagena is only an hour and change away.


Of course it does, there are gems to be discovered, however, because of the political and corruption still shadow the current government, most waves remain yet to be discovered.

The Colombia Caribbean Coast offers, lots of great surf peaks, from the mini barrels of Isla Fuerte to Cartagena all the way up the coast boarding northern Santa Marta. Nuqui in the Pacific has also lots to offer and many more areas...

BTW — YOU LOOK amazing TODAY. Know that