A charmingly low key slider who justwants
to perfect his single fin style

Name: Arturo Dedace III
Date of Birth: September 13, 1990
Home Break: San Juan, La Union, Philippines

FLKLR board of choice: 9’0” MarMar Single Fin


Filipino log rider, photographer and filmmaker Arturo spends almost every waking moment in the water, he gets up before sunrise to catch the best waves then grabs his camera and paddles back out to start shooting.

He is a charmingly low key slider who just wants to perfect his single fin style, FLKLR is pumped to have such a talented artist on the team.

What's your FLKLR?

I started riding single fin logs three years ago after being influenced by a few locals from La Union, Philippines. I watched and studied a lot of classic single fin surfing videos to improve my style, it was through these videos that I discovered another passion: creating surf films and sharing the beauty of logging.

To balance both of my passions, I usually wake up before the sun rises and catch waves alone or with a few friends. When the crowd arrives that’s when I start shooting photos and videos… unless the conditions are perfect and I can't bring myself to stop surfing.

Who's style do you admire the most?

I admire a lot of surfers but two people in particular stand out: Arthur “Toots” Anchinges, a Filipino-Hawaiian local whose old-school style and grace make him different from everyone else in the water. Toots’ surfing is from the roots. His style is so simple and timeless that you would think he time-traveled from the ‘50s.

Another person I admire is Nathan Oldfield, a surfer and filmmaker from Byron Bay, Australia. His stories highlight the happiness that can be found through a life of surfing. His films made me fall even more in love with the ocean, and his motion picture 'The Heart & The Sea' is the reason I made my first surf video three years ago.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who follow their passion, people who don’t stop trying to perfect their skills and to exceed their limits. They are usually the ones that are true to themselves and are not driven by money. You can just tell that their work is made from true passion and love for their craft.

No sunscreen or Underwear?

No underwear. As much as I want to surf without using any products, I know how important it is to take care of my skin.

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