True, you’d rather be wearing nothing, but if you have to wear clothes then wear something that almost makes you feel naked. Start with a layer of the lightest cotton in classic cuts and simple designs.

Go ahead and get to know us better than skin deep.


More About Us

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FLKLR is not intended to serve as a company or a brand, but as a movement. A movement from surfers to surfers, between individuals that want to make a difference, people that will not be quiet but will stand strong for what they believe.We are a group of water pagans, devoted to the Ocean, devoted to Art and quality crafted goods."It's not what you do but why you doing it".We are not told what to do by mass media. We demand uniqueness, fairness, loyalty and love. Together, we will achieve this — we will save our oceans, our art, our music and all the things that make us unique.

We are the story tellers of tomorrow.

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Stop. Let's Heal the Ocean

One of the biggest issues we face as a race, is the assumption and miscommunication on "expected" actions. This has to stop, we water lovers are the ones with the promise to serve and give back to the Ocean, our favorite playground. We can't assume that others are doing it. The sad truth is, not a lot of people are doing much.

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Alternative Materials

Even the surf industry often uses products which are not good for the environment. FLKLR is committed to conscientious production of goods, which is why we are working with alternative apparel (like pineapple leather and plantain) and partnering with genius brand Indosole to offer environmentally friendly clothing and footwear.

Know us better than skin deep