BORN IN 2012

BORN IN 2012

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor"


FLKLR is not intended to serve as a company or a brand, but as a movement. A movement from surfers to surfers, between individuals that want to make a difference, people that will not be quiet but will stand strong for what they believe.We are a group of water pagans, devoted to the Ocean, devoted to Art and quality crafted goods.

"It's not what you do but why you doing it".


We are not told what to do by mass media. We demand uniqueness, fairness, loyalty and love. Together, we will achieve this — we will save our oceans, our art, our music and all the things that make us unique.

We are the story tellers of tomorrow.


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Our Roots

Less is More. Colombia-born, Bali-based FLKLR founder Mar Cubillos keeps a low profile — actually, low key is an understatement, if he wasn’t forced by commercial imperative to expose himself (if you will), this page would remain blank...

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The Process

We have a crush on beautiful crafted goods, which is why the people that make our stuff know about style. With that in mind, meet FLKLR glasser and New Jersey wave charger Sean Brewer.

More to come.


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Drinkable Water

Bali is running out of water fast, and in two years there may be no drinkable water left. For every board we sell, we give two water filters (and a lifetime supply of replacements) to a village in Bali in need of clean water.

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Alternative Materials

Even the surf industry often uses products which are not good for the environment. FLKLR is committed to conscientious production of goods, which is why we are working with alternative apparel (like pineapple leather and plantain) and partnering with genius brand Indosole to offer environmentally friendly clothing and footwear.

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Youth & Waves

We want to share our love of the ocean and our environmentally aware ethos with Bali, which is why we are expanding the FLKLR community. Every Sunday we will take a group of children from a local orphanage and teach them how to surf – lighting the fire that burns bright in the FLKLR community.

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Not For The Masses








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We had the pleasure of collaborating with Mar on an article waaaaay back in 2014. We caught up with the tattooed Columbian yet again, and got the download on all things FLKLR related.

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FLKLR - Lush Palm


With so many surfboard brands out there these days, finding the perfect surfboard can be a daunting task. Lucky for us, over the last decade, a lot of awesome surfboard brands and shapers have emerged making it easier to find or create your dream surf craft...

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FLKLR - Gear Minded


Our conversation started with an Instagram story. I had just finished the sixteenth issue of Waversons Magazine, a publication rooted in surf art and culture for LA and Orange County, CA. The solid black cover, lacking any sign of complexity, read, “the surf industry is fucked.” With an emphasis on ‘industry’, I put this out on the Gearminded stories and caught the attention of Mar Cubillos at Folklore Surf...

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